Stormy Novels

I’ve started development on! I’m looking forward to sharing more information about myself and my novels with the rest of the world. Considering my lack of experience with website building it’ll probably be quite the challenge, especially since it’s been about ten years since I did anything with website development, but I’m guessing it’ll also be a lot of fun. In the future I hope to publish regular updates here.

At the start of April I have a week vacation and I hope to continue with my novel ‘Stranded’. At the moment Stranded is just the work title and still subject to change, but it sums the story up quite well, so I might even keep that title or make it part of the final title. The story itself is based on a dream I had over a year ago. Most of the times my dreams are easily forgotten, but this one was so inspiring that I wrote it down for future reference. During my Christmas break last year I encountered my ideas again, and started writing. It wasn’t long before I had seventy-five pages done, however, one of my editors recommended that I take another look at the number of cast members, which at the time already numbered more than twenty. During my next vacation I hope to get a lot of rewriting done in the first chapters and simplify the story, so that it’s easier to follow the main characters without drowning into a lot of background information.


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