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Forbidden Love is published!

Wow, what an adventure it’s been these last few months. Progress on Forbidden Love was going slow but steady. That is, until I had a two week vacation three weeks ago. Until that point I had rewritten about a third of the novel, and I managed to rewrite the rest in just two weeks. Last week I finished the final details and now the novel is published on Smashwords. Some of the chapters doubled in size, while others tripled, or even quadrupled. Most of the original story was left in tact, but I made a couple of changes to the end. I won’t tell anything more though, you can check it out for yourself, since the novel is available for free the coming months!

To celebrate this publication, I also decided to give a 25% discount on A Little Help. If you visit Smashwords and use coupon code WM43C, then you’ll get an instant discount. This discount doesn’t work with the other retailers, however, and the offer expires in February.

I also wrote a synopsis of Forbidden Love, feel free to leave your comments and critique. I love reading feedback from readers, be it either good or bad.

Forbidden Love

Alice Evans doesn’t like her life. She teaches math to rebellious and obnoxious teenagers, who derive a great sense of pleasure out of making her life a living hell. She hardly has any friends in her new city, and her family doesn’t live close by either. One Friday afternoon, just after school, everything seems to go wrong. She had a tough week at work, feels very stressed, and the pouring rain outside is even worse than an April shower. This by itself wouldn’t be so terrible, if she didn’t also have to buy groceries, and if she hadn’t forgotten to bring her umbrella…

She purchases her groceries and takes them outside in a cardboard box to store them in her car, but as she suspected, it doesn’t take the rain long to soak her to the bone. In her haste to get back to the car, she trips in a hole on the parking lot. Alice drops the box in her fall, strewing all of her groceries around the parking lot. Because of her fall, she also breaks the heel of her shoe, and tears her skirt. Overall, she feels extremely miserable.

However, when she least expects it, a young man steps in and offers to assist her. He isn’t just any man, since Alice recognizes him as John Richards, one of her better students. He offers to help her out and even drives her home, after which he helps her with her groceries. Since Alice’s ankle hurts a lot, John offers to help her out the next day as well. He’s one of the kindest people she knows, and she accepts his help, agreeing to meet him again the next day.

Alice now faces a new dilemma. She realizes that John is her student, and she recognizes the type of a slippery slope she’s on if she accepts his friendship. If by some chance that friendship turns into something more, then she will face the very likely chance of violating one or even multiple laws. John might be eighteen years old, but the state they live in forbids an affair between a teacher and her student, no matter what their age is.

Alice must now face the difficult decision of choosing between two evils; conform to what is right, or do what feels right, despite the possible consequences. Will John be able to win her heart, or will Alice’s conscience and the law, keep them from being together?

In the Afterword I left more details behind what inspired me to write the story. With this story I hope to provide an insight in how an affair between a student and a teacher can develop.

Enjoy the read!


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