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The ‘Blank page method’ helps you through a writer’s block.

Hello everybody!

I thought that a fun way to introduce myself would be by giving a useful tip, that helps you deal with the well known beast we all fear so much; a writer’s block.

First a little something about myself; I am Jasper Storm, author at Smashwords.com and I thought it would be fun to start a blog about the things that keep me busy. I expect that most of this will be related to writing, but in the future I’ll likely also include my thoughts about ongoing issues in society in general.

Enough about me for now, and let’s talk about writer’s blocks. Those who enjoy writing any sort of literature, from fiction to nonfiction, probably got stuck at one time or another. There are a lot of useful tips already available online, but the writer’s block that bugged me for eight months couldn’t be beaten into submission until I thought of a trick that turned out to be very easy, yet also extremely effective.

The problem I was dealing with, was that I wanted to write a chapter for a story that had to fit between two existing chapters, however, I couldn’t figure out what I should put in there. I had a vague idea and I knew that I wanted to add roughly three pages to my novel, but for some reason I just couldn’t get it done.

I once read something along the lines of, “There is nothing more inspiring than a blank page, since your story can then go in any direction. It allows you complete freedom since it doesn’t need to conform to what was already written.” and that line got me thinking.

It made sense that a blank page would help you focus on that what you really want to write, so I created a new document and scribbled down four lines that contained a rough idea of what I wanted to write about. It turned out that the blank page indeed allowed the creative juices to flow free again, and that in turn caused me not to write the three pages I had intended, but a full six pages that had some really lovely dialogues as well!

In the end it turned out that subconsciously I kept what was previously written in mind as well, and after I was done with my additional chapter I could simply copy/ paste it in my novel. I still had to make some minimal changes at the start and the end, but after that I was pretty much done already. A writer’s block of eight months was cleared in half a day of writing and I had a lot of fun while doing it.

Since then I’ve dubbed this method the ‘Blank page method’ and I now deploy it every time I get stuck in a story.

It’s only a small tip, but next time you find yourself staring at your screen, not knowing what to write; you might want to remember this tip, and do what I did; create a new document and forget about what you already wrote for a minute. I found that there really is nothing more inspiring than a blank page!


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